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San Diego Ground Zero For Next Round Of Zika Spraying

“Abundance of Caution” When NO Mosquitoes Test Positive Sets Toxic Precedent

24 Hour Notice Given With No Public Input – Who Decides?

“Although there has not been a confirmed case of any disease in this situation, we are taking appropriate steps to minimize potential risk and protect the public’s health,” said Dr. Sayone Thihalolipavan, the county’s deputy public health officer.

"What chemicals might be used"?
“What chemicals might be used”? PYRENONE® 25-5, SCOURGE® INSECTICIDE

The San Diego Union-Tribune Reported today (8/18/2016):

County workers will hand-spray mosquito-killing pesticide throughout a two-block section of San Diego’s South Park neighborhood Friday after a resident who recently traveled abroad came home with Zika-like symptoms.

Medical testing has not confirmed that the individual, who has not been publicly identified, has Zika or any other tropical mosquito-borne infection. The individual recently returned from an unspecified location where the virus is active.

The county’s public health policy is to search for Aedes mosquitoes — the type known to carry Zika — around the homes of anyone returning with symptoms that indicate they may have a Zika infection. The routine search in this case, the county says, turned up Aedes larva nearby, a discovery that calls for spraying out of an abundance of caution.

“Abundance of Caution” Used As Justification As No Zika Infected Mosquitoes Found

The U-T also reports:

To date, no locally-trapped and examined mosquitoes have tested positive for Zika and the spraying effort is designed to keep the virus from reaching the airborne insects. Once mosquitoes are infected, Zika can spread more quickly as it has in Florida.

So San Diego County has decided to spray pesticides about a hundred homes around someone’s house who may not even have Zika but traveled to an area that does and might infect a local mosquito if bitten by one.

What Chemicals “Might” Be Sprayed:



DEMAND® CS Insecticide

"What chemicals might be used"? PRECAUTIONS!
“What chemicals might be used”? PYRENONE® 25-5, SCOURGE® INSECTICIDE


CW6 reports additional precautions:

Stay inside and bring pets indoors if possible

Close doors and windows, and turn off fans that bring outdoor air inside the home

Cover ornamental fishponds to avoid direct exposure

Rinse fruits and vegetables from your garden with water before cooking or eating

Beekeepers and those with insects kept outdoors are encouraged to shelter hives and habitats during treatments

You may resume normal activities 30 minutes after the treatment

Vector Control will continue to conduct trapping for Aedes mosquitoes in the area and nearby locations for several weeks.

Information about chikungunya, dengue and the Zika virus can be found on the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website.

Two types of Aedes mosquitoes – the Aedes aegypti, yellow-fever mosquito and the Aedes albopictus, Asian tiger mosquito – are not native to San Diego and don’t really like our climate. They were found in San Diego County for the first time in 2014 and 2015. To date, they have been found in relatively low numbers.

They differ from our County’s native mosquitoes in a number of ways. They not only live in people’s backyards, but also inside their homes, and can breed in a thimble-full of water.

They’re smaller than native mosquitoes, have distinctive black and white markings, are known as aggressive biters and – unlike our native mosquitoes that prefer to feed between dusk and dawn – like to bite and feed during daylight hours as well.

FOX5 Interviews Person In Question

An unidentified individual who traveled to Costa Rica & Guadalajara suffered from diarrhea, aches, pains and conjunctivitis. The results from his tests will not be available for another two weeks.

Is this really a good reason to spray a two block radius and set a precedent in Southern California to spray pesticides with less than 24 hour notice and no public discourse? Who decides? How does one RESIST?




The San Diego-Union Tribune





ZIKA FAQ – San Diego 2016

Michael J. Murphy & Dr. J. Marvin Herndon expose the Geoengineering Climategate cover up on American Freedom Radio

This is very important and critical interview that discusses Geoengineering in relation to the Paris Climate Agreement, what this means to our freedom, the Aerosol Collection Project and how it is critical in taking legal action. THIS IS ONE YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!!

Kate Magdalena Willens makes her broadcast debut on American Freedom Radio’s Marathon. Her Special Guests were Michael J.Murphy and Dr. J. Marvin Herndon.

In this interview of Nov. 21, 2015, Michael J. Murphy explains the approach he is taking in his efforts to bring the geoengineering programs to a halt. His position is that it is impossible to have a clear read on climate change, as the climate models do not take geoengineering into account. He is focused on acquiring aerial aerosol samples which will be professionally analyzed, and used as evidence in court.Michael explains the urgency of this in light of the upcoming Paris Climate talks in December, and how his new film, “An Unconventional Shade of Grey” calls for action from all who understand what is at stake.

Dr. Marvin Herndon joins Michael in the second half of the show to explain his involvement in the aerosol projects underway. Critical times ahead. Please get involved, and SHARE.

Blue Sky Report November 21 2015 – With Michael J Murphy and Dr. Marvin Herndon.Click on the play button below to listen to the full interview.To save the interview, right click here & save file as a MP3.

Related Articles
[1]. Michael Murphy’s New Death Defying Experiment Will Prove Chemtrails Exist!

[2]. Monumental Air Test Planned to Examine Geoengineering

Michael J. Murphy

Dr. J. Marvin Herndon

Original Source. American Freedom Radio.


Further evidence coal fly ash is a “toxic-nightmare” major component sprayed into the air we breathe

Lab results from snow melt residue remarkably similar to coal fly ash

Suzanne Maher of Bye Bye Blue Skies posted “LAB RESULTS – VERY HIGH LEVELS TAKEN FROM STICKY GOO”, Robert West’s analytical data on a residue remaining after snow melts. [LINK]


Many thanks to Robert West for sharing his lab results from North Central Wisconsin which were taken in the Spring of 2015. His results appear to have alarmingly high levels of heavy metals and other toxins.

This sample was taken from a sticky goo which coats his grass after the snow melt. See attached one minute video below, this is the sample Robert tested.

I compared West’s elemental data, normalized to barium, with data from an average of 23 European coal fly ash samples.

Snow Residue Data from Robert WestThe similarity is quite remarkable, especially when one considers that coal fly ash compositions vary. West had measured 28 elements of which 5 were below limits of detection. I lacked coal fly ash data on two of those not detected.

Further evidence that coal fly ash is a “toxic-nightmare” ma

These data stand as further evidence that coal fly ash is a “toxic-nightmare” major component sprayed into the air we breathe. Note the presence of arsenic; arsenic in an inorganic form can cross the placenta to the fetus carried by a pregnant woman. And that is just one of the many toxic potentialities of coal fly ash. You can bet the disinformation professionals will work overtime to deceive people about this work. Just keep in mind that there should be crimes-against-humanity trials, not only for the masterminds of this diabolical scheme, but also for anyone who would deceive the most vulnerable among us, pregnant women, children, those with compromised respiratory and immune systems, and the elderly, about the health risks.

J. Marvin Herndon PH.D.
Transdyne Corporation


Monumental Air Test Planned to Examine Chemtrails

Scientist along with e pilots set out to test Chemtrails phenomenon, all while breaking a few world records in the process.

Photo –

Chem trails, or otherwise known as “Geo-Engineering”, is a phenomenon that occurs globally. Jets flying at high altitudes often leave behind vapor trails, known as contrails. Chem trails differ in that they do not dissipate in a short time. Many people believe that this is due to chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere to manipulate climate change or alter weather patterns.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be granting waivers to allow two pilots to surpass the current Guinness altitude record in a powered para gliding aircraft of 24,898 feet. With State of the art air monitoring equipment, the two pilots will be flying into the chem trails at around 30,000 feet above sea level, battling winds in excess of 100 miles per hour and temperatures around -70 degrees Fahrenheit. The two pilots will be collecting air samples and data never before seen.

“It is truly a privilege to be a part of such an epic environmental study, all while breaking Guinness world records for both speed and height in a powered para glider.” says Pilot Enzo Pagani. “This is what I live for!”

All tests will be monitored by Dr. J. Marvin Herndon, who will be submitting his report for peer review. Michael J. Murphy, whose previous work includes the award winning film, “WHY in the World are they Spraying?”, will be filming and documenting this process along the way. The team plans on preforming the task sometime in the Spring of 2016.

About Dr. J. Marvin Herndon
Dr. J. Marvin Herndon is an American interdisciplinary scientist with a BA degree in physics from the University of California, a PH.D. degree in nuclear chemistry from Texas A&M University and was a post-doctoral assistant in geochemistry and cosmochemistry at the University of California.
For more information:

About Michael J. Murphy
With documentaries such as “What in the World are they Spraying?” and “WHY in the World are they Spraying?”, Michael J. Murphy is a leading producer/director of chem trail documentaries which have won awards from the California Film Awards to Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival.
For more information:

About National Crime Scene Cleanup Association
The National Crime Scene Cleanup Association was established to bring experts together to create safe standard operating procedures within the industry. With members servicing everything from private homes to Fortune 500 companies, the association has grown every year since formation.
For more information:

Media Contact:
Michael J. Murphy

SOURCE The National Crime Scene Cleanup Association


Geophysicist Sends Message to Stop Geoengineering in Video

Stop Geoengineering Message from J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D.

CITIZENS OF ALL NATIONS: We stand together united against a common peril. Planet Earth and her lifeforms are under assault. No, this is not an alien attack from another world. This is an attack by alien creatures that have risen among us, monsters whose unbridled ignorance, arrogance, greed, and thirst for power have no limits. Worse, the monsters have absolutely no concern for the well-being of humanity, not even for their own families.

UNIVERSITY SCIENTISTS should tell the truth. Instead, they deceive the public by talking about geoengineering as if it is some future possibility. Are their heads buried in the sand? Do they not see what is happening in the air above them? Do they not question? Have they no concerns even for their own families?

ARTIFICIAL CLOUDS, sprayed by tanker-jets, have been reported with ever increasing frequency for at least fifteen years. Since about 2013, it has ramped-up to full operational level over America and elsewhere on the globe. But what are they spraying? No answers from authorities. Just silence or lies. Why the secrecy? Why? Because there is strong evidence that the main substance they are spraying is coal fly ash, a toxic-nightmare that can be inhaled or enter through skin and eyes. Our bodies’ moisture is all that is required to release a host of toxins in chemically mobile forms, including aluminum, implicated in neurological diseases. The monsters are poisoning humanity.

TO MEMBERS OF NATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMIES, I say this: Tell the truth about what has been happening in the air above us, warn people of the dangers, the risks to health, admit that knowledgeable scientists have too little understanding of the Earth’s complex behavior to even consider geoengineering.

TO POLITICIANS I say this: Serve the interests of the people who elected you. Stop this geoengineering insanity.

TO THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT I say this: If you haven’t done so already, initiate an investigation into the crimes against humanity perpetrated under the guise of geoengineering.

AND TO ALL THOSE WHO STRUGGLE to bring an end to this inhumane activity: I salute you. And I thank you.

– J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D.

SoCal SkyWatch Interview with J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D.

SoCal SkyWatch: What was the reason to make this video?

J. Marvin Herndon: There are several reasons for making this video. It is one way to reach ordinary people and alert them to the fact that they are being deceived about a potentially deadly global environmental threat. It is one way to reach academicians, university professors, who mislead and deceive the public by talking about geoengineering as if it is some future activity that might take place, when in fact it is an ongoing activity that in the last few years has been ramped up to full scale. University professors, in my view, should be truthful. After all they are charged with educating our young people. It is also another way to tell academic leaders, namely members of the national academies, to stand up and be truthful. They too have misled the public. And then the other politicians who were elected to serve people and instead are silent and complicit while their governments are involved with the military establishment that is spraying toxic chemicals into the air people breathe.

SCSW: Why did you direct your message to the European Union?

JMH: European leaders are allowing jets to pour toxic material, for which there is good scientific evidence identifying it as coal combustion fly ash, over European people. Just as is happening in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and possibly in other countries as well.

After I finished writing new words to America the Beautiful, I decided that the global nature of the toxic spraying demanded a broader approach. The European Union adopted Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” as the European Anthem, but only the instrumental part as they did not want to show preference to Germany by adopting Frederick Schiller’s lyrics. So, I decided to write new words for the European Anthem. Words to a song are useless unless one has someone to sing the song. For the sake of all those around me, I do not sing. But I was looking hard to find someone who could and would. True to the Morton salt slogan “when it rains it pours”, suddenly I found myself with two singers both very talented, Kate Magdalena Willens (website) and Lua Català Ferrer (website).

How I came into contact with Lua is connected with my invitation to give the Greek intervention. I had asked Josefina Fraile Martin if she had any suggestions as to where I might find a singer. She suggested Lua, a physician active in the anti-geoengineering movement. Josefina recommended me to introduce a meeting of anti-geoengineering activists in Athens. So, wedding the new words for the European Anthem with my short presentation seemed a good idea.

SCSW: What was the intervention in Greece?

JMH: As is happening sporadically throughout the world, groups are meeting to bring attention to the awfulness that is happening in the air above us.

SCSW: How do they intend to utilize this video?

JMH: The video will be shown throughout the world with subtitles and hopefully in many languages.

SCSW: What do you think the response to this video will be?

JMH: It is difficult to predict people’s response, especially leaders who are so deeply corrupted and complicit in covert geoengineering activities.

SCSW: What would you like to see or expect to happen from releasing this video?

JMH: I hope that people, ordinary people, academic people and political leaders will begin to question their own complicity in what I allege are crimes against humanity.

SCSW: Many people have commented that it takes courage to make such statements. Do you think you are courageous?

JMH: I think it is necessary for people to fight against tyranny, otherwise they will become slaves. Sometimes, it is necessary to stand tall against oppression, whether as a personal attack from someone on the street or a global attack through poisoning the air we breathe. I think that in San Diego our Mayor, our City Council and our Chief of Police should find their personal courage. Yellow is not a color that wears well with those in official positions.

SCSW: You are the first major scientist to publicly expose ongoing real world geoengineering experiments and strategically planned clandestine spraying operations. Most scientists should be able to easily recognize when observing long expanding trails forming behind jet planes that the atmospheric conditions are not conducive to the formation of “persistent contrails”. Why do you think other scientists are so reluctant to acknowledge the spraying witnessed by so many ordinary citizens worldwide?

JMH: In 1951 the US National Science Foundation wrote the rules for the government support of civilian science. Those rules included allowing one’s competitors to review funding proposals and to do so in secrecy. Anonymous peer review must have seemed like a stroke of magic, because nearly all scientific journals adopted that strategy. No one seems to have learned the lessons from history. In the infamous Spanish Inquisition and in virtually every totalitarian regime, secrecy is deceit; it brings out the worst in people, the opportunity to get rid of one’s competitors, one’s enemies, or just someone you don’t like. And that is what happened with secret reviews.

So, scientists are being reasonably intelligent, decided not to contradict anyone, not to make enemies, just to chant the establishment line. And that’s what they do. If anyone were to stand up in the academic community and tell what is going on, it’s a safe bet that person would lose financial support and ultimately destroy his/her career. That “political correctness” made university scientists ripe for being corrupted.

SCSW: In the video, you wrote new lyrics to the anthem of the Council of Europe and the European Union. Recently you did the same with America the Beautiful and the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Do you consider yourself an artist, poet and/or activist in addition to being a scientist?

JMH: As a scientist I do whatever I need to do in order to do good science, for example, as discoveries led me into areas of astrophysics, I learned the necessary concepts from astrophysics, just as my discoveries about the nature of the toxic substance being sprayed have led me to become an artist, poet and activist. It’s just part of doing a good job in science and it’s part of the responsibility of a scientist toward humanity.

Dr. Herndon’s video message is currently available with Spanish and Greek subtitles. More translations will be available soon.

Himno Europeo: Que se detenga la Geoingeniería

Ευρωπαϊκός Ύμνος τερματισμού της Γεωμηχανικής

Public Notice from J. Marvin Herndon PH.D.

Public Notice of the Author’s Rejection of the Retraction of the Peer-Reviewed and Published Scientific Article “Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health” by the MDPI journal, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH)

September 24, 2015

In the instant matter, singly and/or the collectively, IJERPH Editor Dr. Paul B. Tchunwou, MDPI Chief Science Officer Dr. Franck Vazquez, and MDPI Principal Dr. Shu-Kun Lin (hereafter MDPI AG) the author alleges:

  • Acted in blatant disregard of long standing scientific and ethical principles based upon an appeal to truth
  • Acted in blatant disregard of MDPI’s published “strict ethical policies and standards”
  • Allowed MDPI AG to be deceived and/or coerced and/or co-opted into acting in such a manner as to deceive the public about evidence of a grave, pervasive, and widespread public health threat
  • Required the author to sign a statement of no conflict of interest, but did not require same for individual(s) making critical statements upon which said retraction was based
  • Required the author to submit to peer-review but did not submit to peer-review said critical comments upon which retraction was based
  • Failed to provide verbatim critical comments to the author for written response and publication
  • Based said retraction upon false critical statements
  • Published false, misleading and/or pejorative statements as the basis for said retraction
  • Published false, misleading and/or pejorative statements libelous to the author and failed to remove same even after being advised on September 5, 2015 of the false nature of same
  • Aided and abetted an organized disinformation campaign whose actions are aimed at deceiving the public about an on-going program of spraying of toxic substances into the air over inhabited areas

As described in detail below, there is no demonstrated legitimate basis for MDPI AG to have retracted said article; MDPI AG should promptly republish it with the author’s corrections as presented here.

Key Links:

Immediately after the author published the first article in Current Science providing evidence that the particulate matter being sprayed into the air over inhabited areas is most likely toxic coal combustion ash, the Editor received a lengthy list of complaints about the article and a demand for retraction. The Current Science Editor responded by sending verbatim comments to the author and requested point-by-point responses in writing. The comments were false, misleading and/or pejorative. The following example from the author’s response to Current Science includes a few of the comments made and is revealing as to their origin:

“The attack on my scientific ethics, capability, and intent is inexplicable from the standpoint of academic debate, but may be understandable in light of a 1967 United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) dispatch marked ‘psych’ for ‘psychological operations’ or disinformation and ‘CS’ for the CIA’s ‘Clandestine Services’. The dispatch employed the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ and stated in part: ‘The aim of this dispatch is to provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims … To employ propaganda assets to and refute the attacks of the critics…. Our ploy should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (II) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories.’ The criticisms made by the individual to which this response is addressed appear to be crafted in accordance with that CIA dispatch, including but not limited to the following remarks: ‘The general tone of the article is just strange, and inadequate in a scientific journal….The article uses very low quality, unscientific references such as various conspiracy theorist web sites and their unreliable data…. Reading the entire paper, it is clear that Dr. Herndon’s goal is to spread a known conspiracy theory called the ‘chemtrail conspiracy theory’, while providing completely invalid and unscientific evidence for it. This conspiracy theory has no scientific basis, and it is pure fabrication’.”

The fact that criticism of both papers, Current Science and IJERPH, is posted on the well-known disinformation website is evidence that the source of the criticisms comes from an organization that consistently misleads the public with false information about a covert program involved in spraying toxic substances into the air over inhabited areas.

MDPI AG erred by failing to provide the author with verbatim comments for his response and possible publication. The journal website publically states: “MDPI is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). MDPI takes the responsibility to enforce a rigorous peer-review together with strict ethical policies and standards to ensure to add high quality scientific works to the field of scholarly publication”. Retracting a peer-reviewed paper written by a senior, internationally recognized scientist, without full disclosure and independent adjudication, on the basis of false, misleading and/or pejorative remarks by one or more persons allegedly associated with an organization that misleads the public about serious health related matters stands in stark contradiction to said “strict ethical policies and standards”. Such behavior is an abomination, a perversion of long-established scientific principles.

MDPI AG published three bulleted “concerns” as justification for said retraction: It is obvious that those remarks were parroted from statements made by one or more experts at deception whose aim was to have said paper retracted. In the following, the author proceeds line by line to demonstrate the distortions and misrepresentations. Red are MDPI AG quotes under Editor Tchunwou’s name; blue are the author’s responses to same.

The value for average leachate concentration of Aluminum mentioned in Table 1 and used by the author to normalize the data presented in Figures 2, 3, 4 and 5 is incorrect.

Not true. The incorrect data was not for the average leachate concentration, but for the average un-leached coal fly ash composition. The incorrect data was only used to normalize the data presented in Figures 4 and 5, not in Figures 2 and 3.

The author uses 70,000 μg/kg, while the correct value resulting from the un-leached European coal fly ash samples measurements published by Moreno et al. [2]) is 140,000,000 μg/kg.

Those criticizing my paper make it look like a huge error, and the half-truth makes it seem so. What should have been stated is that the un-leached column heading was mistyped as μg/kg, but should have read μg/g; the data were tabulated as μg/g. The error was in listing the aluminum value as 70,000 μg/g when it should have been 140,000 μg/g, a factor of two. In scientific literature, this is the kind of error that is usually allowed to be corrected as it should have been in the present instance.

This error invalidates the conclusions of the article.

No, it does not. In the worst case, if uncorrected, it might invalidate the data shown in Figures 4 and 5, but the conclusions of the article are derived from Figures 2 and 3 which are not affected by the error. Moreover, Figures 4 and 5, when normalized to another element, for example, barium are not invalidated.

The chemical compositions obtained for rainwater and HEPA air filter dust are only compared to chemical compositions obtained for coal-fly-ash leaching experiments [2]. The author did not attempt to compare his results to chemical compositions of other potential sources.

Not true. I stated that there were no sources of industrial pollution in the area, and provided reason why coal fly ash from China was unlikely.

Thus, at this stage, the work is preliminary since it is not clear what the source of these chemicals is.

In the absence of viable other sources, the evidence is that the coal fly ash is likely the substance being placed in the atmosphere by tanker-jets. That is consistent with the nature of the material, and its availability from existing production facilities. Yes, this needs to be proven conclusively. But it is a misrepresentation to state “is not clear what the source of these chemicals is”. Science involves the progressive replacing of less-precise understanding with more-precise understanding. Indeed, much of the current underlying understanding in the natural physical sciences is in a sense “preliminary” and subject to revision by subsequent more-precise understanding, but that is no reason or basis to prevent publication of relevant evidence.

The language of the paper is often not sufficiently scientifically objective for a research article.

Not true. Reviewers, especially the particularly meticulous Reviewer 1, would never have approved the paper if this was the case. He/she was especially meticulous to make sure that every statement was precise. This criticism has no merit. A similar criticism as made in an effort to cause retraction of the author’s Current Science paper, namely the statement “The general tone of the article is just strange, and inadequate in a scientific journal”. The author has a lengthy track record of publishing important advances in world-class scientific journals and knows how to write scientific papers:

In his September 5, 2015 letter, the author substantially conveyed these responses to MDPI AG, but to date those published misrepresentations have been allowed by MDPI AG to stand, thereby aiding and abetting those who intentionally deceive the public about the on-going toxic spraying and its adverse public health consequences:

As a basis for retracting said paper, MDPI AG quoted the above statements, shown here in red, that allegedly are intended to deceive for the purpose of causing the retraction of the author’s article by an entity with an allegedly malevolent agenda. The remarks made are libelous, causing harm to the author’s reputation; those who systematically deceive the public in this matter have widely propagandized said retraction. That is fundamentally wrong scientifically and ethically. Moreover, it allegedly makes MDPI AG complicit in deceiving the public about evidence of a grave, pervasive, and widespread public health threat. By retracting said paper, based upon false and misleading statements by an entity that allegedly wishes unwarrantedly to discredit and hide the author’s work from public view, MDPI AG emboldens said entity to do the same thing to other publishers. MDPI AH by its action demonstrates that false and misleading statements, perpetrated by those with a conflict of interest, or purposeful malevolent agenda, carry more weight with MDPI AG than scientific reason based upon an appeal to fact. MDPI AG therefore allegedly prolongs the period of time during which the most vulnerable among us, pregnant women, children, those with compromised respiratory/immune systems and the elderly, will suffer the consequences of unrelenting toxic particulate matter sprayed into the air people breathe.

The author has requested the following from MDPI AG: (1) To be allowed allowed make revisions to said published paper, as is the normal process when errors occur; and, (2) For MDPI AG to request the full credentials (including position and organization) of those making complaints, and their permission to publish their remarks so that the author might respond in print. To date, those requests have not been fulfilled.

With the anticipation and expectation that eventually MDPI AG will correct allegedly blatant failings in their response to the attack by those individuals who allegedly seek to deceive the public and wish to hide and discredit the author’s published scientific article, the author has made a few changes to correct the consequences of the error in Table 1, as well as to debilitate accusations made by those who allegedly act to systematically deceive the public and the scientific community:

The following principal changes were made:

  • Although Figures 2 and 3 are correct as published, these Figures are renormalized to barium so as to include previously published rainwater data and to make these Figures consistent with the revised Figure 4. Figure 3 is presented in a different format to show additionally the ranges of experimental European coal fly ash leachate values.
  • Figure 4 was renormalized to barium and put into a different format to show measured ranges of coal fly ash compositions, both from Europe and the United States, thereby obviating Figure 5. Three additional sets of HEPA air filter data are included.

The author herewith requests and indeed demands that MDPI AG rescind retraction of said scientific article and publish said article with corrections as shown here:

J. Marvin Herndon PH.D.

J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.
Transdyne Corporation

America Once the Beautiful

SoCal Scientist Produces Geoengineering Protest Video

"The purpose of science is to discover the true nature of Earth and Universe and to share that knowledge with people everywhere. That's what I do." -- J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.

J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D., made history last month when his science article, “Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health” was published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. The first major scientist to identify the chemical signature of coal ash waste products in air and water samples connected to aerosol spraying has just released a much welcome protest video. Dr. Herndon rewrote the lyrics to, “America the Beautiful” which are sung by Kate Magdalena Willens.

America Once the Beautiful

Music by Samuel A. Ward, 1882 (music to America the Beautiful)

Words by J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D., © 2015, Creative Commons License* *Creative Commons License means free use is permitted, provided 1) Authorship attribution is given, 2) Use is non-commercial, and 3) Wording is not altered.

O beautiful for spacious skies 
No longer as before
Each day the jets lay toxic spray 

The azure sky’s no more America! America!

What has become of thee
Each breath we take, our health at stake 
Now listen to our plea

What right has any one of them to taint the air we breathe
With toxic ash from burning coal In secrecy deceive

America! America!
We are no longer free
Each lie they say ‘most every day Hides Illegality

Po-li-ti-cos like clowns they dance
With blinders on their eyes
While tanker jets spray toxic ash 

Across our country’s skies America! America!

Wake up now and take charge 
Before more harm, cry out alarm 
The spray planes are at large

Into our lungs and through our skin
 And even through our eyes
The jet sprayed ash will poison you

 And harm your children’s lives America! America!

Look up and see the light
White haze above, save those you love 
And join us in the fight

(Final Repeat)
White haze above, save those you love 
And join us in the fight 


Heavy Spraying over San Diego Two Days After Resident Scientist Exposes Chemical Geoengineering

Thursday, August 13, 2015 San Diego, California – Between 11 am & 12 noon, a fleet of planes sprayed thick expanding plumes in massively large X patterns and parallel grid lines. The sky started out mostly clear and quickly became completely overcast.

Two days after San Diego Geophysicist J. Marvin Herndon published a peer-reviewed, court admissible paper exposing the spraying of toxic coal combustion fly ash, the city was massively attacked by spray planes. This was not normal air traffic at all. Multiple planes sprayed simultaneously in the same air space and no area of the sky was left untouched.

Suddenly Everything Has Changed

August 2015 A Major Turning Point in Anti-Chemtrail / Anti-Geoengineering Movement

Three major events over the coarse of four days in August re-energized the movement to stop chemtrails and ban geoengineering.

Dr. J. Marvin Herndon's, "Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health" is published. Testimony by Anti-Chemtrail Activists at Environmental Protection Agency public hearing on aircraft emissions airs on C-SPAN. Major event, "Engineering Earth - Exposing the Global Weather Modification Assault on Humanity" held in Northern California.
Dr. J. Marvin Herndon’s, “Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health” is published. Testimony by Anti-Chemtrail Activists at Environmental Protection Agency public hearing on aircraft emissions airs on C-SPAN. Major event, “Engineering Earth – Exposing the Global Weather Modification Assault on Humanity” held in Northern California.

Coincidentally, just six days after the Aug. 5 spill of heavy metal sludge into a tributary of the Animas River near Silverton, Colorado, the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) held hearings on Commercial Aircraft Emissions. Remarkably, several anti-geoengineering activists were allowed to speak and it was all broadcast on C-SPAN. This put the topic of spraying in full public view and simultaneously forces the EPA to respond to the issue beyond their fact sheet (PDF) and web site notice which states, “EPA is not aware of any deliberate actions to release chemical or biological agents into the atmosphere.” Well now they are aware! No more excuses!

As a matter of chance, the second scientific article by San Diego Geophysicist, J. Marvin Herndon was also published on August 11th. Back in June, Herndon published Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity and Earth’s Biota by Clandestine Geoengineering: Implications for India. (click here for pdf) This time he disclosed the source of the aluminum. The article, Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health (click here for pdf) confirmed speculation which began on February 1st with the video, “Chemtrails Are Coal Ash” posted by YouTube channel The HAARP Report. Dr. Herndon identifies 8 elements in rainwater samples and 14 elements in HEPA dust air filter samples are essentially identical to leachate and un-leached coal fly ash with a 99% confidence interval. These 8-14 chemical “fingerprints” go well beyond aluminum, strontium & barium – the three most tested for contaminates. New testing is sure to be done worldwide based on this new information.

On August 14 sponsored an event at the David Marr Auditorium In Redding, California. Over 1,000 people turned out for the presentation “Engineering Earth, Exposing The Global Weather Modification Assault On Humanity”. Numerous experts spoke out at this event including attorneys, former government scientists, a former defense industry technician, former military personnel, a prominent Northern California Neurologist, and a CEO for one of the largest environmental and engineering consulting firms in the world. Videos from the event can be seen here.

With anti-geoengineering activists testifying in a government hearing broadcast live on TV, a scientist publishing papers linking rainwater & air samples to the chemical signature of toxic coal fly ash and various officials speaking out against spraying, geoengineering & weather modification – the movement has hit a major turning point. The time for action is NOW.

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Driving home, the sky accelerates
And the clouds all form a geometric shape
And it goes fast
You think of the past
Suddenly everything has changed

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