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Video: Planes Spray In Pairs Like Slithering Snakes

Fleet of Jets Disperse Aerosols in Curved X Formations

Saturday January 9, 2016 San Diego, CA – The media has been hyping a series of “El Niño” storms to roll into Southern California. Suddenly these rain storms are no longer in the forecast weather reports. Today the spray planes flew double duty in pairs, sometimes tagging each other in parallel and at other times were curving to spray directly across the others path. This modus operandi resulted in the appearance of near head on collisions and massive curvy “X’s” from crossed chemtrails.

Video Index (direct access times available on YouTube page):
0:01 Just missed on video: Two planes turning on sprayers at the same time and crossing paths in a visual “just missed” head on collision coarse. TECH NOTE: Zoom lens used is standard 140mm max. zoom. No digital in-camera zooming or post digital zoom editing is used in this video. This indicates just how low some of these jet planes are flying when they spray major population centers directly overhead.
0:27 Also just missed on video: Two planes simultaneously leaving long parallel chemtrails in the same direction.
0:39 Now looking for this action – caught on tape: Two jet planes start spraying in tandem tagging each other in parallel lines, both in the same direction.
1:38 The “every spray day solar halo ring around the sun rain-less chembow sundog prism reflection” from aerosol particle injection chemtrail spraying.
2:42 On/Off/On spraying by the plane on the right.
2:34 Spray Plane makes a sharp turn after leaving a long trail alongside many spread out chemtrail clouds.
3:14 A second spray plane duplicates the sharp turn of the previous jet in parallel. Bands of “step ladder” wave gaps & row patterns appear in the chem haze cloud layer.
4:16 Snake sprayer makes a sharp turn.
4:40 Same snake slithers in the opposite direction.
5:14 Second parallel snake sprayer advances in the same direction toward the previous parallel curved persistent chemtrails.
5:42 The twin snake sprayers continue changing directions as a circular patch of ribbed wave patters emerge between the two sneaky poison viper planes.
6:31 Yet another jet snake spray plane turns on the aerosol injection dispersal to intersect with the first snake plane in classic chemtrail X cross over fashion.
7:50 Snake plane starts to curve just before crossing chemical trails.

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Liquid State ft. Marcella Woods
Falling (Solar Stone After Hours Mix) – lyrics

Like a potion I will seep through all your body
You can’t resist me cause I make you feel divine
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I know you need me like you need to breathe the air

Consume and let the magic in you flow
All the inner fears just let ’em go
Now you have the feeling movin’ through you nice and slow
You never had before but now you know

And I can feel you fallin’


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