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Michael J. Murphy & Dr. J. Marvin Herndon expose the Geoengineering Climategate cover up on American Freedom Radio

This is very important and critical interview that discusses Geoengineering in relation to the Paris Climate Agreement, what this means to our freedom, the Aerosol Collection Project and how it is critical in taking legal action. THIS IS ONE YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!!

Kate Magdalena Willens makes her broadcast debut on American Freedom Radio’s Marathon. Her Special Guests were Michael J.Murphy and Dr. J. Marvin Herndon.

In this interview of Nov. 21, 2015, Michael J. Murphy explains the approach he is taking in his efforts to bring the geoengineering programs to a halt. His position is that it is impossible to have a clear read on climate change, as the climate models do not take geoengineering into account. He is focused on acquiring aerial aerosol samples which will be professionally analyzed, and used as evidence in court.Michael explains the urgency of this in light of the upcoming Paris Climate talks in December, and how his new film, “An Unconventional Shade of Grey” calls for action from all who understand what is at stake.

Dr. Marvin Herndon joins Michael in the second half of the show to explain his involvement in the aerosol projects underway. Critical times ahead. Please get involved, and SHARE.

Blue Sky Report November 21 2015 – With Michael J Murphy and Dr. Marvin Herndon.Click on the play button below to listen to the full interview.To save the interview, right click here & save file as a MP3.

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Michael J. Murphy

Dr. J. Marvin Herndon 

Original Source. American Freedom Radio.

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