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Frequency Pulsed Iridescent Oil Slick Chembow Clouds

LOOK UP! Rain Killing #Chemtrails #HAARP #NEXRAD #WeatherModification “Amping Up”

Sunday, January 3, 2016 San Diego, CA – Extreme spraying all morning resulted in another strange day of anomalous “rain-less” rainbow color displays. As potential real rain clouds came inland, a chemtrail spray ceiling level solar blanket formed with rippling wave pulses passing through it.

Around noon, the chem haze layer near the sun became illuminated with intense prismatic colors like oil and water mixing on the pavement. At times lower level “natural” puffy rain clouds obscured the sun making the colors more intense and proved this is not some kind of lens flare effect.

Rain was forecast for 1/3 but no rain fell on Sunday. Southern California should be getting torrential rainfall. Only 4″ are “predicted” [allowed/scheduled] over the next four days. In reality we should expect less. No El Niño like the corporate media weather reporting suggests.

At 2:50 in the video a plane disappears after spraying a chemtrail and then reappears later to have a contrail. Don’t be fooled. This plane sprayed a chemtrail and flew away with no contrail. What appears to be a short contrail are solvents used to clean out the sprayers which can also be turned on & off. Just watch the “CON” trails for yourself. Anyone can follow the planes with a home video camera and see this for themselves. Eyes to the Skies… LOOK UP! Wake UP! Stand UP, Speak Out & STOP THE SPRAYING!

#GeoEngineering #ClimateEngineering #ClimateChange #ClimateIntervention #ClimateModification #AlbedoModification #SolarRadiationManagement #ElNiño #MediaLies #MindControl

This song is performed by Swans and appears on the album White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity (1991).

Song For Dead Time

Now the past is untrue, and this breath is a lie
And the sun is an emptiness that burns through the sky
And this ground, it will slide down, down into the sea
And when this body dies, no man will ever breathe one word
Of ignorance for me

So bury your trust beneath the ground with me
And lay your loneliness down for the sun to consume

Now the earth bleeds cold water in my open hands
But their bodies bleed poison and they swallow the sand
And we’ll walk to the river, where we will die of a thirst
And my fate, it’s no question every fool, he is broken beneath the same
Holy curse

So bury your trust beneath the ground with me
And lay your loneliness down for the sun to burn to sand


Military Spraying Operations Preempt Rain Storm (Again)

HAARP / NEXRAD Directed Frequency Weather Modification & Aerosol Spray Injection Solar GeoEngineering Causing California Drought

Video taken Tuesday November 24, 2015 in San Diego CA

The news media likes to tease the public by “forecasting” the potential for rain with up to seven days notice. They do this by presenting a percentage of possibility that a drop of rain might fall on a given day in your neck of the woods. In Southern California, the weather press-titutes routinely throw out a 20% chance while knowing full well it’s much closer to zero as the days of probable rain come due.

It never seems to fail. The military planes spray aerosols up to two days prior to an incoming storm system. Spraying operations began over the ocean on Monday and by late afternoon a mess of chemtrail haze clouds drifted onshore making for another ash colored sunset.

11/23 4:38pm If there's any doubt about the fake clouds drifting inland from the ocean late this afternoon, the embedded chemtrails become more obvious at sunset.
11/23 4:38pm If there’s any doubt about the fake clouds drifting inland from the ocean late this afternoon, the embedded chemtrails become more obvious at sunset.

The planes spraying Tuesday morning were at lower altitudes and were easy to spot turning sprayers on and off and then flying away with no contrail at all. There was excessive military activity in the sky flying out of MCAS Miramar.

After the spray segments expanded, the sky around them suddenly filled in with long rows of repeating lines. A thin layer cloud blanket grew out looking like a just plowed field. Overlapping waves emerged like Moiré patterns in long thin lines and massive bars. As the forming cloud blanket filled in and thickened, the chemtrails sank and holes opened up. Fallstreak punch holes appeared across the sky.

Climate engineers call this process, “Solar Radiation Management (SRM)” using “atmospheric aerosol particle injection” with ionospheric heaters. They spray metallic particles which are then heated by microwave systems. In this case, they formed a solar blanket or shield above the incoming storm system. This two stage procedure injects excessive nuclei into the atmosphere which reduces the amount of potential rainfall and also alters the solar heating dynamics which prevents proper storm cloud formation.

Rain was predicted by the local media. It arrived overnight in the early morning hours Wednesday. The amounts were in the range of less than a tenth of an inch if you were lucky to be in one of the patchy spots rain actually fell.

The manufactured California drought continues. The media remains complicit with the military by it’s silence to the public about these easily observable climate modification and weather control operations.


#Chemtrails #GeoEngineering #WeatherModification #HAARP #ClimateEngineering #ClimateIntervention #ClimateModification #SolarRadiationManagement #AlbedoModification #MediaLies #Agenda21 #AirPollution #WaterWars #Drought #GMACAG

Video index
0:01 Fresh on-off-on-off-on spray trail & another plane starts spraying.
0:06 Plane sprays chemtrail line segment flies away with no contrail.
0:45 Same plane starts spraying again, leaves another segment.
1:22 Same plane flies away with “normal contrail”.
1:40 Military plane takes off flies east.
2:50 Second military plane follows 5 minutes after flying north. Massive repeating straight lines starting to appear rippling across the sky.
3:48 Previous spray segments thicken into cigar shaped clouds.
4:23 Another plane abruptly stops spraying and flies away with no contrail at all.
4:54 Same plane turns sprayers on and off several times leaving chemtrail line segments across the sky.
5:17 A fighter jet flies by.
5:45 The spray plane finishes another chemtrail segment and flies over the horizon with a tiny contrail.
6:06 “Fallstreak” hole punch in the cloud cover.
6:50 Another hole punch where a chemtrail was sprayed. Rows of long lines like a plowed field and three other chemtrails embedded in the expanding cloud blanket.
7:18 Chemtrail line segment sprayed directly overhead.
7:28 Strange concentric ring lines forming around the end of a chemtrail.
7:44 Creepy iridescent pastel colored “clouds” with repeating rows, lines, ripples and waves.
8:14 Three military helicopters.
8:24 VIDEO TIME LAPSE – Iridescent colors, waves, patterns
8:52 VIDEO TIME LAPSE – Upper layer cloud cover forming over lower layer incoming moisture clouds.

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