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Geophysicist Sends Message to Stop Geoengineering in Video

Stop Geoengineering Message from J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D.

CITIZENS OF ALL NATIONS: We stand together united against a common peril. Planet Earth and her lifeforms are under assault. No, this is not an alien attack from another world. This is an attack by alien creatures that have risen among us, monsters whose unbridled ignorance, arrogance, greed, and thirst for power have no limits. Worse, the monsters have absolutely no concern for the well-being of humanity, not even for their own families.

UNIVERSITY SCIENTISTS should tell the truth. Instead, they deceive the public by talking about geoengineering as if it is some future possibility. Are their heads buried in the sand? Do they not see what is happening in the air above them? Do they not question? Have they no concerns even for their own families?

ARTIFICIAL CLOUDS, sprayed by tanker-jets, have been reported with ever increasing frequency for at least fifteen years. Since about 2013, it has ramped-up to full operational level over America and elsewhere on the globe. But what are they spraying? No answers from authorities. Just silence or lies. Why the secrecy? Why? Because there is strong evidence that the main substance they are spraying is coal fly ash, a toxic-nightmare that can be inhaled or enter through skin and eyes. Our bodies’ moisture is all that is required to release a host of toxins in chemically mobile forms, including aluminum, implicated in neurological diseases. The monsters are poisoning humanity.

TO MEMBERS OF NATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMIES, I say this: Tell the truth about what has been happening in the air above us, warn people of the dangers, the risks to health, admit that knowledgeable scientists have too little understanding of the Earth’s complex behavior to even consider geoengineering.

TO POLITICIANS I say this: Serve the interests of the people who elected you. Stop this geoengineering insanity.

TO THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT I say this: If you haven’t done so already, initiate an investigation into the crimes against humanity perpetrated under the guise of geoengineering.

AND TO ALL THOSE WHO STRUGGLE to bring an end to this inhumane activity: I salute you. And I thank you.

– J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D.

SoCal SkyWatch Interview with J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D.

SoCal SkyWatch: What was the reason to make this video?

J. Marvin Herndon: There are several reasons for making this video. It is one way to reach ordinary people and alert them to the fact that they are being deceived about a potentially deadly global environmental threat. It is one way to reach academicians, university professors, who mislead and deceive the public by talking about geoengineering as if it is some future activity that might take place, when in fact it is an ongoing activity that in the last few years has been ramped up to full scale. University professors, in my view, should be truthful. After all they are charged with educating our young people. It is also another way to tell academic leaders, namely members of the national academies, to stand up and be truthful. They too have misled the public. And then the other politicians who were elected to serve people and instead are silent and complicit while their governments are involved with the military establishment that is spraying toxic chemicals into the air people breathe.

SCSW: Why did you direct your message to the European Union?

JMH: European leaders are allowing jets to pour toxic material, for which there is good scientific evidence identifying it as coal combustion fly ash, over European people. Just as is happening in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and possibly in other countries as well.

After I finished writing new words to America the Beautiful, I decided that the global nature of the toxic spraying demanded a broader approach. The European Union adopted Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” as the European Anthem, but only the instrumental part as they did not want to show preference to Germany by adopting Frederick Schiller’s lyrics. So, I decided to write new words for the European Anthem. Words to a song are useless unless one has someone to sing the song. For the sake of all those around me, I do not sing. But I was looking hard to find someone who could and would. True to the Morton salt slogan “when it rains it pours”, suddenly I found myself with two singers both very talented, Kate Magdalena Willens (website) and Lua Català Ferrer (website).

How I came into contact with Lua is connected with my invitation to give the Greek intervention. I had asked Josefina Fraile Martin if she had any suggestions as to where I might find a singer. She suggested Lua, a physician active in the anti-geoengineering movement. Josefina recommended me to introduce a meeting of anti-geoengineering activists in Athens. So, wedding the new words for the European Anthem with my short presentation seemed a good idea.

SCSW: What was the intervention in Greece?

JMH: As is happening sporadically throughout the world, groups are meeting to bring attention to the awfulness that is happening in the air above us.

SCSW: How do they intend to utilize this video?

JMH: The video will be shown throughout the world with subtitles and hopefully in many languages.

SCSW: What do you think the response to this video will be?

JMH: It is difficult to predict people’s response, especially leaders who are so deeply corrupted and complicit in covert geoengineering activities.

SCSW: What would you like to see or expect to happen from releasing this video?

JMH: I hope that people, ordinary people, academic people and political leaders will begin to question their own complicity in what I allege are crimes against humanity.

SCSW: Many people have commented that it takes courage to make such statements. Do you think you are courageous?

JMH: I think it is necessary for people to fight against tyranny, otherwise they will become slaves. Sometimes, it is necessary to stand tall against oppression, whether as a personal attack from someone on the street or a global attack through poisoning the air we breathe. I think that in San Diego our Mayor, our City Council and our Chief of Police should find their personal courage. Yellow is not a color that wears well with those in official positions.

SCSW: You are the first major scientist to publicly expose ongoing real world geoengineering experiments and strategically planned clandestine spraying operations. Most scientists should be able to easily recognize when observing long expanding trails forming behind jet planes that the atmospheric conditions are not conducive to the formation of “persistent contrails”. Why do you think other scientists are so reluctant to acknowledge the spraying witnessed by so many ordinary citizens worldwide?

JMH: In 1951 the US National Science Foundation wrote the rules for the government support of civilian science. Those rules included allowing one’s competitors to review funding proposals and to do so in secrecy. Anonymous peer review must have seemed like a stroke of magic, because nearly all scientific journals adopted that strategy. No one seems to have learned the lessons from history. In the infamous Spanish Inquisition and in virtually every totalitarian regime, secrecy is deceit; it brings out the worst in people, the opportunity to get rid of one’s competitors, one’s enemies, or just someone you don’t like. And that is what happened with secret reviews.

So, scientists are being reasonably intelligent, decided not to contradict anyone, not to make enemies, just to chant the establishment line. And that’s what they do. If anyone were to stand up in the academic community and tell what is going on, it’s a safe bet that person would lose financial support and ultimately destroy his/her career. That “political correctness” made university scientists ripe for being corrupted.

SCSW: In the video, you wrote new lyrics to the anthem of the Council of Europe and the European Union. Recently you did the same with America the Beautiful and the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Do you consider yourself an artist, poet and/or activist in addition to being a scientist?

JMH: As a scientist I do whatever I need to do in order to do good science, for example, as discoveries led me into areas of astrophysics, I learned the necessary concepts from astrophysics, just as my discoveries about the nature of the toxic substance being sprayed have led me to become an artist, poet and activist. It’s just part of doing a good job in science and it’s part of the responsibility of a scientist toward humanity.

Dr. Herndon’s video message is currently available with Spanish and Greek subtitles. More translations will be available soon.

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