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All Day Planes Spray Chemtrails Fly Away No “CONtrails”

VIDEO EVIDENCE “Rainbow” Reflecting Aerosol Particle Spraying Climate Engineering In Full Force

New Year’s Day Friday January 1, 2016 San Diego, CA – Plane after plane caught on tape turning sprayers off and flying away with no emissions at all. Some planes caught turning sprayers back on and others left pulsed dots and dashes or segmented lines.

As the day went on, the “clouds” started to reflect prism colors in various ways. The effects of sun dogs and solar halos should be a rare event but it always occurs simultaneously with spray plane activity. According to Wikipedia, side effects of aerosol spraying includes, “Whitening of the sky: Stratospheric aerosols have the potential to whiten the sky and cause more colorful sunsets, dependent on the amount being sprayed.” http://tinyurl.com/py8bkem

Scientists have “proposed” Solar Radiation Management methods they call “aerosol injection” strategies. This includes using a fleet of modified jets to spray the atmosphere.

It has been the observation of long term environmental activists and sky watchers that the proposed programs went into global operation approximately 20 years ago. These clandestine operations have been increasing in scale and scope ever since.

Video Index (direct access on YouTube):
0:40 Plane turns sprayers off, gets away with it…
1:00 On/Off/On/Off pulsed spraying. Puffs turn into rows of fake virga.
1:17 Plane sprays 2 trail segments and abruptly stops.
1:50 Just missed plane spraying trail ends with sputters when
2:00 previous plane flies next to chemtrail with no contrail.
2:30 Another “Morris Code” dispersal.
2:40 Plane stops spraying just disappears into the blue.
3:05 Spray stops with a spurt.
4:00 Plane turns sprayers on again, flies into “cloud”.
5:00 Same plane stops spraying as camera looses focus.
5:40 Another plane stops spraying.
5:55 And another stops spraying after leaving 2 segmented trails.
6:58 The end of a streaming chemtrail reflects rainbow colors.
7:40 The prism reflections persist & intensify.
8:08 A full wing span sprayer starts a connecting trail between the two expanded streaming parallel trails. The spray reflects “oil slick” prism colors just before it stops.
8:30 Full wing sprayer flies away under chem cloud with no contrail.
8:50 Sun dog reflection returns to another part of the chemical trail.
9:08 Persistent “rain-less” rainbow hot spots as the connector spray trail expands in a line of puffy dots.
9:47 Double arced chem bows appear in streaming chem haze.
10:05 Separate prism reflections nearby in streaming chem haze.
10:14 Solar halo ring around the sun reflecting in massive vapor stream. (shot behind fence to avoid solar lens flare)
10:37 Aerosol particle injection (chemtrail) sprayed across vapor stream near solar halo.
10:54 Streaming aerosol trails reflecting colors after sunset.

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Tropospheric Aerosol Injection http://tinyurl.com/hzlas7w

Proposed self-aligning, levitating, sunlight-reflecting nano-disc (Keith, 2010) – In a nutshell, David’s idea is to engineer discs around 10 micrometers across and 50 nanometers thick, with a core of aluminum, a top layer of aluminum oxide, and a bottom layer of barium titanate. Injected high enough into the atmosphere (so Brownian motion didn’t muck things up) the discs should align with the lighter aluminum/aluminum oxide side facing up, and the heavier barium titanate side facing down. This is important, because the way these two surfaces interact with air molecules when the particles heat up – as they would do in sunlight – means that there would be a net force pushing the discs up (photophoresis). In effect, the particles would levitate to a stable position in the atmosphere, while keeping their shiny side to the sun – thus reflecting sunlight away from the earth (or increasing albedo).

Could precisely engineered nanoparticles provide a novel geoengineering tool?

Photophoretic levitation of engineered aerosols for geoengineering

Climate scientists ponder spraying diamond dust in the sky to cool planet
Solid particles of diamond or alumina might be safer than sulphate droplets as a way to redirect the Sun’s energy, calculations suggest.

Scientific American – Could Diamond Dust Sprayed into the Sky Cool Earth?

Bloomberg Business – Mimic an eruption by spraying sulfuric acid into the stratosphere.

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