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Further evidence coal fly ash is a “toxic-nightmare” major component sprayed into the air we breathe

Lab results from snow melt residue remarkably similar to coal fly ash

Suzanne Maher of Bye Bye Blue Skies posted “LAB RESULTS – VERY HIGH LEVELS TAKEN FROM STICKY GOO”, Robert West’s analytical data on a residue remaining after snow melts. [LINK]


Many thanks to Robert West for sharing his lab results from North Central Wisconsin which were taken in the Spring of 2015. His results appear to have alarmingly high levels of heavy metals and other toxins.

This sample was taken from a sticky goo which coats his grass after the snow melt. See attached one minute video below, this is the sample Robert tested.

I compared West’s elemental data, normalized to barium, with data from an average of 23 European coal fly ash samples.

Snow Residue Data from Robert WestThe similarity is quite remarkable, especially when one considers that coal fly ash compositions vary. West had measured 28 elements of which 5 were below limits of detection. I lacked coal fly ash data on two of those not detected.

Further evidence that coal fly ash is a “toxic-nightmare” ma

These data stand as further evidence that coal fly ash is a “toxic-nightmare” major component sprayed into the air we breathe. Note the presence of arsenic; arsenic in an inorganic form can cross the placenta to the fetus carried by a pregnant woman. And that is just one of the many toxic potentialities of coal fly ash. You can bet the disinformation professionals will work overtime to deceive people about this work. Just keep in mind that there should be crimes-against-humanity trials, not only for the masterminds of this diabolical scheme, but also for anyone who would deceive the most vulnerable among us, pregnant women, children, those with compromised respiratory and immune systems, and the elderly, about the health risks.

J. Marvin Herndon PH.D.
Transdyne Corporation


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